It is a story primarily about climate change but also the relationship between a brother and sister, living on the Alaskan Tundra. Margaret and Stanley are part of a nomadic tribe who have been settled in a township on the edge of the Tundra, they need to be relocated by the government because of the rising water levels threatening to overwhelm their village.

Margaret is almost 14 and cannot wait for the re-location to Anchorage; she wants to start enjoying the comforts of city life with her aunt Adele. Her brother Stanley, aged only 8, is not so sure about leaving their village and their parents. But Margaret wants Stanley to go with her, so she convinces him that he has super powers and it is in fact him who is melting the ice. They plan to run in the Spring, when the birds come.

If you would like to watch this play just reply to this email letting us know which date you would like to watch.


Wed 21st or Sun 25th Oct 7.30pm viewing

We will send you the link on the morning of the showing and you will be able to watch the play in the comfort of your own home. There will also be information on how you can donate to AHTC should you choose to do so. We will be giving 10% of any profits to the Alaska Relocation Charity.

Please call Yvette on 07707 830286