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Great Expecations


AHTC presents a new adaptation of this great story by
Charles Dickens. Set in the 1920s, it’s not what you’d
expect. So, to entice you to come and see it, here’s a quote:
“The human heart is a complex organ. If nurtured it has the
capacity to bring great happiness to any person brought
under its wings. But mistreat or deny it love and it may
shatter into a thousand pieces and leave a swathe of
destruction in its wake. Some people say that a broken heart
cannot be mended. I would disagree. Love is a powerful force.
It can cure the deepest sadness. My story is one of sadness,
but there is also revenge, crime, friendship and most
important of all, love. I will tell it to you as
well as my memory serves”.

March 14th, 16-18th

Please call Yvette on 01829 751327 if you would like further information